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A directory of San Juan Ridge  businesses and organizations.  Please contact us to add your listing or with any corrections.
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BusinessPhone numberCategoryWebsite
BusinessPhone numberCategoryWebsite
Addiego's Market & Brass Rail Tavern 292-3443 Businesses  
Ananda Living Wisdom School 478-7640 Schools/Child Care 
Ananda Village Office 478-7500 Organizations  
Bunny Bristles Chimney Sweeping 292-0228 Businesses  
Campanelli Hair Salon 292-3484 Businesses  
Center for Radiant Health 478-7549 Businesses  
Country Store 265-4628 Businesses  
Double Oak Vineyards & Winery 292-3235 Businesses 
Early Head Start Program 292-4354 Schools/Child Care  
Earth Dancers Pack Goat Co 333-3623 Businesses 
Earth & Road Works 292-3685 Businesses  
Four Winds Studio 559-7325 Businesses  
Geronimo Pole Company 288-1000 Businesses  
Grizzly Hill School 265-9052 Schools/Child Care 
Inner Path 478-7765 Businesses  
Jewel in the Lotus Gift & Thrift in Ananda Village 478-7629 Businesses  
KYRR 93.3 FM (Yuba River Radio) 470-9063 Businesses  
Mama's Pizza 292-1400 Businesses  
Marc Ryan, Piano Tuning 292-3171 Businesses  
Marjorie McDougal, CMT 478-7785 Businesses  
Master's Market 478-7550 Businesses  
Milhous Feed 292-3242 Businesses  
Mother Truckers 292-3250 Businesses  
Mountain Bounty Farm 292-3776 Businesses 
Nature's Blessing 478-7703 Businesses  
North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center 265-2826 Organizations 
North San Juan Center 292-9048 (message only) or 288-0933 (Carol Wenger) Organizations 
North San Juan Community Church 415-9705 Organizations  
North San Juan Fire Dept Emergency Info Line (911 for emergency) 470-9713 Health & Safety  
North San Juan Post Office 292-3303 Businesses  
North San Juan Transfer Station 292-4340 Businesses  
N. San Juan Fire Dept Office 292-9159 Health & Safety  
Oak Tree Community Park  Health & Safety 
Papa Crow's Forge "Bladesmith" 913-1152 Businesses  
Peterson's Corner Bar & Restaurant 292-3311 Businesses  
Ridge Cafe 292-3488 Businesses  
Ridge Plumbing 265-6524 Businesses  
San Juan Ridge Community Library 292-3008 Organizations 
San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center 292-3174 Organizations  
Sierra Family Medical/Dental Clinic (accepts MediCal) 292-3478 Health & Safety 
Sierra Super Stop 292-3481 Businesses  
Sweetland Garden Supply 292-9000 Businesses  
Willow Springs 292-3463 Organizations 
Showing 43 items