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A Letter to Our Friends

posted Apr 9, 2020, 1:53 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Apr 9, 2020, 3:32 PM ]
by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

Over the years we've often joked about composing a wild and crazy April Fool's edition of Ridge Connections. We laughingly considered fantastic scenarios designed to shock our readers. In an entire decade of bizarre fanciful situations, we never imagined any circumstance as truly shocking as the one in which we find ourselves today. In a relatively short period of time the Covid19 Pandemic has indelibly marked us as individuals and as a society. Although preoccupied with mundane day to day activities, there is the underlying feeling that this moment in time has assumed historic proportions and will be defined not only by the path of a pervasive predatory microorganism, but by ourselves.

July 20, 1969, the date of the first moon landing ushered in a new human perspective on our role as planetary citizens. Within a year, on April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated. For fifty years we have been encouraged to consider the needs of our planetary brethren as those of our own. We have been urged to commemorate Earth Day by working for the greater good, getting involved, participating in civil action and attending celebratory events.  Ironically, the most effective way to think globally and act locally on Earth Day 2020 is simply to stay home.

To help prevent spread of the coronavirus, the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center has been closed since mid-March. Rather than busily planning our 5th Annual Earth Day Celebration and ensuing summer camps, the FRC staff has been self-isolating in our homes, communicating electronically, and wondering what we can do to better serve our community while keeping a healthy distance. Although we are not on site to accept or deliver food and clothing , provide weekly children's playgroups and open lodge sessions, access to laundry, computers, phones or fax services, our goal is to continue to be of service to our community. At this time we cannot predict when we will be able to reopen for regular services. However, if you need information, help, or just someone to talk to, you can call (530)292-3171 or email We look forward to the day when this crisis has passed. PLEASE STAY SAFE!

                 “If we believe that tomorrow will be better we can bear a hardship today.”

                                                                                                           Thich Nhat Han