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Meet Our Counselors

posted Aug 7, 2017, 2:35 PM by Kristin Snell

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

Every morning upon arrival, young campers are greeted warmly by a counselor. Each counselor is responsible for seeing to it that young athletes and artists work and play safely while staying hydrated and on task. They are both mentors and friends to their campers. The counselors’ hard work and dedication is crucial to the success of the camps, and we are grateful.

Jack Greenway
– Nevada Union Freshman

“I’ve been going to SPORTS CAMP since I was 5 or 6 years old, and ART CAMP since I was 7 or 8.  In SPORTS CAMP I was the assistant coach. I played with the kids and helped them when they had trouble. In ART CAMP I was in charge of the 5 & 6 year olds. I’d check them in the morning, bring them to arts classes, and help them if they needed it. In the afternoon I played with the 5 year olds in their elective.

I think both SPORTS and ART CAMPS are great because the kids make a lot of new friendships and learn a lot of new things every year, especially in ART CAMP. This year we learned about Scandinavian art and history. SPORTS CAMP is great because we don’t have any sports teams on the Ridge. It’s great for some kids because they get to play sports and they don’t usually get to do that at other time of the year. It’s a week of fun for lots of kids.

Being a counselor teaches you a whole bunch of responsibilities and it prepares you for what may come later in jobs where there is this much responsibility, or even more. I would love to be a counselor again next year.”

Kai Herrera
– Nevada Union Junior

“This is my second year as a counselor at ART CAMP. I think it’s really great that a bunch of kids get to come and be taught by world-class teachers. The teachers are all kind of weird and quirky and I like that. All the kids are really happy and cheerful and generally come with good enthusiasm.

ART CAMP is giving me good job skills. Normally I’m not on time for anything but I’m on time for this. I’ll probably be doing this again next year.”

Leah Montelius
– North Point Academy Junior

“When I was a kid I went to both SPORTS CAMP and ART CAMP. I went until I aged out at 12, and this is my third year as an ART CAMP counselor. I think ART CAMP is a really good thing. There’s not much for kids to do here on the Ridge. It’s a good way for parents to get a break while their kids get to hang out with their friends all day and do fun activities. I make sure that the kids are not mean to each other and stay focused in class. I liked the art classes best. Making the troll was pretty fun. I know that the kids really liked that, too.

Being a counselor has helped me learn to be responsible. You have to watch a bunch of kids and get them to where they need to be when they need to be there. After I graduate I want to travel for a year or two, then return to California and study psychology.”

Kate McWeeney
- North Point Academy Senior

“I keep an eye on the kids, making sure they’re being kind, safe, and staying hydrated. I also make sure that they’re all paying attention during classes. I went to ART CAMP as a kid, and this is my 4th year of being a counselor. I think ART CAMP is really good. It provides a nice variety of activities and gives the kids a chance to channel their energy in a productive way.

I’m excited to be spending some time traveling in my future. (Kate is traveling to Japan in September.) Being able to organize and care for the kids has been helpful to me. Working with kids enabled me to help them connect, communicate with one another, and work things out. Developing those skills will help me better survive in other environments.”

Juliana Moore - Davis High Senior

“I went to ART CAMP for at least three years when I was a kid. As a counselor, I get kids to different classes, assist the teachers, and help the kids understand what they need to do. I think ART CAMP is good for the kids. They learn to be creative and how to work together. They learned how to divide up the work of a big project, which is a useful skill in life. In the troll making class there was a lot to do: sewing, jewelry making, painting, papier mache. Each kid got to choose which art they wanted to do to make the life-sized troll.

I want to be a teacher. I worked at another camp this summer so I’m getting lots of experience. Dealing with different types of kids, especially kids who don’t like to listen, has taught me not to be too lenient. I helped with the knitting elective. That was challenging. It took a lot of patience for the kids. After a few days they were able to see their progress and were proud of it. Some of the kids look up to me. It’s rewarding to help the kids and set an example. I hope to come back to ART CAMP next year.”