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San Juan Ridge Community Library Update

posted Jul 26, 2018, 4:18 PM by Kristin Snell

by Mary Moore, Librarian

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Phone: 292-3008 Location: Next to Head Start, Behind the Ball Field on Oak Tree in North San Juan

I have worked in book type libraries since I was 15, that was mumble mumble years ago. It has been difficult to adjust to the new responsibilities expected of us as the years went by.

School libraries added “Audio Visuals”, and maintenance of the projectors, etc. was our job. Did you know that every machine needs its own type of light bulb, and they only burn out when the poor substitute teacher is trying to get through the day? Our bulb ordering catalog was always missing. The accompanying “media” came in so many sizes and shapes it was really tricky to process, track and shelve. Many of the teachers became rather territorial about their favorites.

We all cheered when talking books became available. For many years we had shelved braille talking books, which could only be played on their special players by their clients.  Now the rest of us could enjoy being read to also. Currently, our library has these little ‘all-in-one’ players, which have the book loaded on an individual listening device! Go figure!

Then came videos…. on big vinyl looking records with new machines to learn. The expensive change over to VHS, brought the complication of teachers recording off of Television. While Lawyers are officers of the court, Librarians try to be upholders of copyright. With recorders and copy machines, we were, and are in a dilemma of balancing good service

to the public while staying within the laws. “Sorry, we can’t take donations of illegal copies.”  “No, it really isn’t OK to copy the whole book.”

Add computers with internet into the mix and we are really struggling to help the public figure out how to access accurate information. “Wouldn’t you rather have a well-researched book than questionable Wikipedia article by who knows whom?”  “Will the blankety-blankety printer work?” Or, “No, I don’t remember your E-Mail password.”

Oh, by the way, we do still have BOOKS!

Note:  This article was supposed to be about some of the wonderful DVD documentaries we have been receiving.  Maybe I can stay on topic next month.