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In Celebration of the Life of Diana Malley

posted Aug 6, 2020, 4:55 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Aug 6, 2020, 5:15 PM ]

by Diana Pasquini & Kristin Snell

In Loving Memory

Diana Jayanthi Malley

Born March 27, 1942

Died July June 27, 2020

We offer these words to celebrate and honor the life of dear friend and neighbor, beloved wife, mother and grandmother, dedicated teacher and foundational San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center colleague, Diana Jayanthi Malley.

After homesteading, pursuing spiritual pursuits, raising her family, teaching at Camptonville School and tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center, Diana dedicated herself to community service through her work at the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center. She welcomed visitors and helped them access services like computers and the clothes closet. She bravely drove a van round trip from the Resource Center to town and back to provide Ridge residents free transportation on essential errands. Among many other tasks, Diana also advocated to meet the needs of our community’s children and helped build enduring connections with other service organizations that strengthened the work of the FRC.

Diana served her community exceptionally well with an open heart and warm smile. Visitors were made to feel welcome and important when in her patient, grounding, and generous presence. Her sweet and gentle manner put everyone at ease. She was a calm and compassionate listener who made strong and lasting connections with people of all ages. Diana was intrepid. She took risks and was courageous.

Diana made a deep and lasting impression and her legacy lives on in many ways, including through the work of the Resource Center. Her contributions helped the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center grow from a mere idea to an established and trusted institution. We remember her well, are very thankful to have known her and are ever grateful for her contributions to the development of the FRC.

Photo caption: Staff trip to visit Siskiyou County FRCs, Winter 2009