FRC’s SPORTS CAMP Celebrates a Decade of Summer Fun

posted Sep 9, 2019, 11:01 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Sep 9, 2019, 11:25 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

When the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center embarked upon its first SPORTS CAMP back in 2010, the future was uncertain. Initially funded by a Nevada County Community Block Grant and led by Coach Heidi H Ryan, we could not predict how long-lived a phenomenon it would be. Throughout the past ten years, community support has strengthened as SPORTS CAMP has grown into a summer tradition for San Juan Ridge kids and their families. Now an institution, this year’s camps were superbly led by Coach Ivy Pera, assisted by teen counselor Jack Greenway, a SPORTS CAMP regular for the past ten years. We are very grateful to all who have contributed to the success of our camps: donors, parents, coaches, and the wonderful young athletes who arrive every morning with smiling faces and playful hearts.

“I like all of Sports Camp. Everything is fun. I like dodge ball and running on the track. I think lots of other kids would like this too.”

Zion Jacobs

1st Grade – Ananda Living Wisdom School


“This is my third year at Sports Camp. I like all the sports. Dodge ball and basketball are my favorites. I like dodge ball because I like catching the balls and I really like dribbling the basketballs. Capture the flag is fun too. It’s really hard, but fun.”

                                                                                         Enzo Nopala

                                               1st Grade – Yuba River Charter School



“I like playing sharks and minnows the best! I can turn into a shark or a minnow. A minnow runs around and a shark tries to catch the minnow. I really like basketball too. Yesterday I put the basketball in the big hoop every single time. I want to come back next year because I want to do more sports.”

Iris Redell

2nd Grade – Forest Charter School


“I like soccer, free time and dodge ball best. I’m really good at soccer and catching the balls in dodge ball. I like free time because I can do anything on the play ground that’s safe for me. I like the coaches and I’m friends with almost all the kids. I’m gonna ask if I can come back.”

                                                                                  Oisin Murphy

                                    2nd Grade – Nevada City School of the Arts



“I think everything about Sports Camp is good. I didn’t think I would like it because I wanted to do art and I thought Sports Camp would the kind of sports place where you go, go, go and don’t stop till it ends. It’s good to do art and sports. If I didn’t do sports I wouldn’t have very good muscles. Here you get to choose what you get to do. We play indoors and outdoors, even board games. You also get to choose your team. In other places the teacher just makes the team for you.  Ivy and Jack are both really good teachers. They make sure that everyone is nice to each other and happy with what they are doing. I think that when I’m a mom I will want to get my kids here.”

Imani Jacobs

3rd Grade – Ananda Living Wisdom School



“I think Sports Camp is really, really fun! I really like playing team sports. Most of the time that’s what we do, so it’s not just like every man for himself. The best games are dodge ball, capture the flag, and gaga ball. Those are my favorites. I made friends with all the girls at Sports Camp. I talk to the boys but most of the time I hang out with the girls."                                                                                                                                              Amelia Utter
                         4th Grade – Thomas Kelly School, Sacramento


“Sports Camp is really fun! You get to play with your friends. Capture the flag is the best. It’s really fun because you get to run to the other team’s side and take the flag. You get to guard the flag and keep people from getting out of jail. You get to run around and have fun. Yep, Sports Camp is fun!”

Lukiah Crow

5th Grade – Ananda Living Wisdom School

“Sports Camp is really fun because you play lots of games. Dodge ball and capture the flag are my favorites. A lot of my friends live here on the Ridge. We used to live here but we moved to town. It’s nice to see all my old friends from school. I think a lot of people should go to Sports Camp because it’s really fun!”

                                                                               Jonah Rosmarin

                                      5th Grade – Nevada City School of the Arts


“I like Sports Camp because it is more interactive than anything I’ve ever been to. You get to meet new people and do new things. I like volleyball and frisbee. I think other people should do this because it’s a good way to get exercise and make new friends.”

Patti Emmerton

7th Grade – Grizzly Hill School


“This is my 7th year of Sports Camp. I like to hang around people and play sports. I like playing dodge ball and ping pong in the Games Room. The coaches are really open to trying new things. It’s good to try new things and Sports Camp is the perfect place to do that."                                                                                                                                        Gopal Wilson

                           9th Grade – Nevada Union High School



“All the kids and the staff are really nice and the games are fun. I like interacting with the kids. My favorite games are capture the flag and dodgeball. I play basketball and volleyball for my school. I think it’s important for kids to exercise and be outdoors. The world is a really cool place. Sports are a way to learn new things and meet new people.”

Jack Greenway, Assistant Coach & Counselor

11th Grade – Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning