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Support Your North San Juan Community Center

posted Oct 8, 2020, 5:14 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Oct 8, 2020, 5:48 PM ]

by the Board of the North San Juan Community Center

Over the decades the NSJ Community Center has addressed and adapted to the many growing needs of the community. During this pandemic and times like these we are the only refuge in NSJ during power outages, we provide a winter warming shelter, and a place for the homeless and less fortunate to be served, and so much more. We have adjusted our outreach in many ways this past year to serve the vulnerabilities of our community and all of that and more are currently threatened.

In August 2020 our well went completely dry. Our permit for temporary holding tanks expires on November 30th and we are praying that the county will issue an extension while we raise the urgent funds. It is essential to drill a new well and to cover many demanding costs to keep our doors open. We are deeply humbled to ask for support from our local and extended communities. Like most non-profits all over our community, we are praying for your support during this unprecedented times.

Will you kindly help us now with your donation?

The services we offer are many-fold. We have a 10-year contract with PG&E as a Community Resource Center for selected Public Safety Power Shutdowns. People come to the center for information, bathrooms, water, to charge their phones and many to cool off, etc. We are an essential winter warming shelter. When temperatures are 37* and below we provide free hot meals and a warm place to sleep. We are a no-barrier, grassroots, volunteer run shelter that is not county funded. Last year alone we were open 28 nights, served over 780 meals and sheltered about 200 people overnight. In a town that is categorically listed as a disadvantaged community, with very limited resources for assistance, this is an incredibly important and vital service.

The Center offers numerous community services including an American Red Cross Evac center, regularly provides food and supplies for people in need, hosts space for distance learning and is a long-standing voting center. NSJCC hosts a weekly farmers market and gathering, serves affordable dinners and provides an open sourced community garden. This facility is utilized by the greater community for private events including everything from weddings to end of life celebrations. We have a fully stocked commercial kitchen.

The NSJCC is a volunteer run non-profit. All funds raised through hall rentals (severely impacted from COVID), memberships and fundraising events support costs of operations, improvements and supplies.

In addition to running this campaign, we have a request for funding assistance from the State Water Board to help with the costs to drill a new well. However, we will need additional support from the community at large to help subsidize the cost and address a variety of ongoing maintenance needs.

Thank you to those who continually donate to support this incredible resource and to all new supporters who understand the value and services we provide by keeping our doors open.

In Community, NSJ Community Center Board of Directors

PO Box 324, North San Juan, CA 95960

Contact Barbara Walley: 530.955.5490

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Every donation, large or small, really counts!