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Second Annual Community Work Day Works Wonders

posted Jul 6, 2015, 1:25 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Jul 6, 2015, 1:26 PM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

Without our wonderful volunteers there would be no food in the pantry, no clothes in the closet, and no wood in the woodshed. Without our community work day volunteers there would be a thick bed of leaves, pine needles, and other debris blanketing walkways and play yards and no fresh wood chips covering the playground. Overgrown quince and blackberries would continue to crowd pathways and trash would litter the grassy shoulders of sections of Oak Tree Road. Our small, but mighty, crew labored willingly and well to accomplish a long list of tasks despite the oppressive heat of late June. When asked why they chose to spend their day pitching in at the FRC, our wonder workers answered thusly:


Bodie Wagner

Always glad to lend a hand when help is needed, Bodie Wagner spent the day raking and moving load after load of brush and debris in a garden cart that he assembled for us. He followed up on the next day mowing tall brown grass with his tractor. “I’m here to support the Family Resource Center and the Ridge Community, and also because of my personal experience with the FRC and the Oak Tree Campus. The Oak Tree Campus has been a hub of the community for my family since my son started school here 19 years ago.”



Suzy Mapachi

With her 16 month old son, Luce, strapped on her back or by her side, Suzy Mapachi weeded, raked, and hauled wheelbarrow and cart loads of debris across campus, and spread soil in a new planting box. Luce helped his mama pick up pine cones from the play ground to ready it for new wood chips. “We come to Playgroup here. We love the Family Resource Center and we love work parties. The lunch was awesome! The FRC is strategically located by swimming holes so after we work all day we can go swimming!”



Phil Clark

Phil Clark hauled bags of soil amendments and spent hours pulling years of staples out of the Phoenix Building’s beautiful cedar walls. “When you take a little out it’s good to put a little back in. I’m glad the Family Resource Center is here for the community.  It just feels good to contribute to a good cause. It’s a good family feeling.”



Marc Ryan

Stalwart volunteer, Marc Ryan swept, raked, and spread fresh wood chips on the children’s playground. “The FRC has the whole campus to take of and they need the help. There’s so much to do that I wish there were three of me. I’m grateful to be able to help.”



Nick Ashman

On his first visit to the FRC, Nick Ashman came by to inquire about resources. When he realized that he had arrived in the middle of a Community Work Day, he put his own needs aside and pitched right in to rake & haul pine needles & cones, then spread wood chips on the playground. “I’m volunteering to support the community. I heard the Family Resource Center needed help and I’m here to share. The Rainbow People taught me that community is far more valuable than money or anything else.”