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Brave New World

posted Jun 9, 2020, 2:41 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Jun 9, 2020, 2:55 PM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

To help celebrate the return of a print edition of Ridge Connections, as well as the first step toward a return of services here at the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center, I decided to ask some friends and neighbors how the past several months have been for them, as well as what their hopes for the future might be. Although it’s a random sampling of individuals, a common thread runs through the responses. Spending time with loved ones, devoting one’s time to simple, enriching pursuits, as well as sharing a concerned responsibility for our community and our planet are foremost in their minds and hearts and gives one hope for a brighter future.

“We’ve been doing a lot of gardening together and learning how to learn at home. I look forward to the possibility of finding new approaches to education. I see this as an opportunity for people to refocus on self-sufficiency and sustainability in our community.”

Hilary Hulteen

Twin Ridges Elementary School Board Member, Entertainer & Mom



“I’ve been spending more time with my partner, less time on the road, and more time in the garden and the forest. I’ve been taking lots of pictures of flowers and saving money. I hope that in the future hate withers, love blossoms, and people embrace Nature.”

                Marc Ryan

                             Musician & SJR FRC Custodian



“My life hasn’t changed very much since I’m retired. I’m doing more activist work and I’m part of the Music in the Mountains Chorus. We have been putting together classical choral pieces and recording our parts. Music in the Mountains’ artistic director and conductor, Ryan Murray, is putting them all together. It’s so wonderful!

My biggest hope is that there is a vaccine very soon so that we can go on to more social interaction. More importantly, I hope that people will continue to be in the mindset that we don’t need to use our cars as much as we have in the past. The pandemic has been good for the Earth, environmentally.”

Janie Kesselman

Co-editor, Camptonville Courier


“I’ve been working and gardening. Grizzly Hill’s new normal is not normal at all. Students and teachers are not on site. The only people on site are administration and maintenance, so we are all wearing many hats. I hope that we can find a new way of being where everyone gets their needs met.”

                                                                                                    Kelly Moreno

Twin Ridges Elementary School District &

Grizzly Hill School Secretary


“The biggest change has been not being able to provide as many activities outside the house with my kids. There have been no playdates with friends or visits to parks. Aside from that, because I’m a farmer and need to be home most of the time for my animals, not much has really changed.

I hope people will consume less and try to become more sustainable and community oriented. Many people are always wondering about where they’re going to travel to next or what adventure they’re going to go on.  It would be nice if people would want to be more focused on developing and supporting our local community.”

Heidi Ryan

Farmer & Mother, NSJ Fire Protection District Manager of Operations & Personnel


“I’ve greatly enjoyed luxuriating in daily naps, seeing my grandchildren so often that I no longer marvel at how much they’ve grown between visits, delighting in watching the grosbeaks ravenously attack our backyard bird feeder, planting our first large garden in a decade, not driving even once to the Nevada City/Grass Valley area, and rarely being in a hurry. My hope for the future is that I will be able to live a balanced life, to not only occasionally stop to smell the roses, but to take time to nurture them as well. Being able to experience an entire season in my forest home, surrounded by a loving family and a teeming natural world that is oblivious to politics and petty folly has been a nourishing and often sublime gift. As the gateway to a brave new world opens before us, I hope to pass through it gracefully with a renewed spirit of appreciation. May we be blessed with long and happy lives!"

         Diana Pasquini

                                   Gardner, Grandmother, Ornithophile

           San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center Community School Liaison