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Ridge Biz

posted Mar 7, 2019, 3:30 PM by Kristin Snell

Submitted by Darlene Markey, San Juan Ridge Business Owner

March 12    6-8 PM

San Juan Ridge Community Center - 29190 Hwy 49 North San Juan, CA 95960

The Ridge needs a voice. Join us for a discussion and hopefully the beginning of a River to River San Juan Ridge Business Association.

All Ridge businesses are welcome, big or small. If you are an accountant, a contractor, a store owner, a church, a library, a resource center, a park, a non-profit, a parking lot owner, a realtor, a plumber, a commercial grower, come to this meeting. It is about time we band together, discuss our business needs, and help drive the direction of county decisions for the Ridge.

Particularly looking for folks who know how to create a business association, by laws, bookkeeping and more.

AGENDA for March 12

· Why do we need a Ridge Business Association?

· What issues are of concern for Ridge Businesses?

· What would be the purpose? How would a business association serving you and community?

· Define Boundaries: River to River, Politic reasons

· Determine membership and dues

· Regular meetings time and place

· Create a temporary board of directors who can act as a committee to establish non profit status, research and write by laws, set up a bank account, set up a membership list, and create bookkeeping system.  

Call Penny (559.7325) or Dar (292.9000) for more info. Email Penny to be added to an email list,