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posted Mar 7, 2019, 3:28 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Mar 7, 2019, 4:05 PM ]

by Susan Hoek, Distirct IV Supervisor—Nevada County Board of Supervisors

For those of you that know me and those of you that do not, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks of Supervisorial District IV for electing me as your new County Supervisor. I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to represent you and am excited to serve you for the next four years. This is a particularly exciting, yet challenging, time for our community, District IV and the County overall with various priorities, goals to meet the challenges that we are faced, whether wildfire, homelessness or affordable housing.

In fact, every year, the Board of Supervisors holds its annual two-day workshop at the end of January. At the workshop, the Board has the opportunity to be briefed on the County’s priorities for the previous year and receive updates on a vast array of issues that include the County’s fiscal health (which I am excited to report is in excellent condition), economic development, housing element, health and human services, homelessness, community development, cannabis, wildfire and disaster preparedness, and law enforcement – just to name a few. Notably, incoming Sheriff Shannan Moon provided an update to the Board of Supervisors on her priorities as the new Sheriff.  CalFire Chief Brian Estes also provided a sobering assessment on the major risk of wildfire in our area. What many people are not aware of is how well coordinated all of our Fire Districts are with CalFIRE – this is not the case everywhere.

At the end of the workshop, the Board discusses all of the various issues and sets priority objectives for the coming year. The Board identified nine top priorities, with 5 Priority A Objectives, 1 Priority B Objective and 3 Priority C Objectives. The Priority A Objectives include fiscal sustainability, wildfire preparedness and response, homelessness, affordable housing and cannabis. The Board will be adopting its 2019 Priority Objectives at its February 12th meeting which you can find on I look forward to working with staff and the community on all of the important priorities in the coming year.

Last but not least, as your new Supervisor, I assure you that wildfire safety is not only a top priority of the County, but for myself. I will be working in the coming months to spread the message and assist with ensuring the communities of District IV remain or become fire wise communities if they aren’t already. An important component in battling wildfire is the role of property owners and individual responsibility to maintain compliance with fire safety setback standards. The County will be updating its Hazardous Vegetation Ordnance this year, which highlights the role and responsibility of each individual on mitigating the hazardous of overgrown and dead vegetation that is currently threatening all of us in Nevada County. I want to encourage you to view the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County’s website at  to learn more about what you can do as an individual and community to help prevent and respond to wildfire.