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Mommy, Daddy & Me Yoga at the Yo’garage Fridays at 10!

posted May 5, 2016, 4:08 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 5, 2016, 4:15 PM ]

by Skyler Bright, Yoga Instructor

The longest running class at the Yo'garage, Friday Restorative Yoga, is morphing into Mommy, Daddy & Me Yoga.  Skyler Myers, now Skyler Bright, baby Vera, and sometimes daddy Joel will share time with other parents and kids 2 months to 4yrs at the Yo'garage from 10-11am on Fridays.  

Get into your body, engage with your child, fuel their embodiment and creativity with games and animal postures, and maybe get some exercise too!  

Quinna, the Ridge baby whisperer, will be present for parents with overfull hands or kids that want to play under the willow tree for an extra $3. Class by donation, $8-12 suggested.  

Hope to see you there!  Call 530-615-7268 for more info.  Location: 29085 State Highway 49, NSJ 

Skyler Bright, RYT, CAS, CMT has been teaching yoga for 13 years, currently teaches at South Yuba Club, DVSAC, and CalWORKs.  She founded the Yo'garage at Willow Springs after leaving her yoga studio in San Diego, Yoganic.  In a former life, she taught skiing, primarily to kids, for 10 years.  Now a new mother, she will fly by the seat of her pants and attempt to blend the two rigors, and guide you and your child through a bit of fun, if not a bit of mayhem.  

Please feel free to bring any of your child's favorite toys to support play in its many manifestations during the hour.