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With a LOT of Help from our Friends

posted May 5, 2016, 4:22 PM by Kristin Snell

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

April’s EARTH DAY CELEBRATION was unforgettable. From the moment Ireland Brown raised our beautiful new Earth flag to the last beat of Hard Hattie’s driving rhythms, the day was more than special. It was extraordinary! EARTH DAY profits exceeded $3,300, all of which will help to support this year’s summer camps for kids. More importantly, the event yielded Happiness. Throughout the day and into the night, people smiled, laughed, danced, played, and enjoyed being alive and together. We are grateful to the following singers, musicians, artists, “international celebrity” models, merchants, bakers, volunteers and organizations for their generous help in making our EARTH DAY CELEBRATION happen:        

Ananda Living Wisdom School, Cathy & Link Adair, Loren Avery, Tal Benrud, Pascale Berardi, The Bookseller, Briar Patch, Ireland Brown, Burdett-Corsi Family, California    Organics, Roo Cantada, Julie Childs, Eric Clausen, Soli Crawford, Debbie Dean, Rachelle Devlin, Mia Dolinger, Double Oak Winery, Daniel Edlefsen, Peter Elias, Future Generations, Sienna & Sophia Goodman, Melanya Gonshorowski, Randy Griffis, Sol & Nancy Henson, Hansen Brothers Enterprises, Ariel Hooker, Huimeahoomaka, Hilary Hulteen, Don Jacobson, Catherine Janicke, Mollie Joachim, Samrat Kakken, Jordan Kim, Jesse &  Levi Krautkramer, Laughter Medicine, Pat Leach, Marya Lehman, Rose Leuty, Nancy Lorenz, Amrita Love, Marin Headlands Hostel, McNeeley’s Nursery, Master’s Market, Melissa Mercier, Blaine Michoika, Manda Miel, Mother Truckers, Susan Muth, Mr.Natural, Neena McNair Family Singers, Katherine McWeeney, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, Gaston Normand, North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, North San Juan Fire, Plaza Jalisco Grill, John Renoir, Linda Richey, Heidi Ryan, Marc Ryan, Ridge Café, Ruckrich Family Band, San Juan Ridge     Community Library, Dora Scott,    Penny St. Claire, Shady Creek  Outdoor School, Shakina & Friends, George Schroder, Sam Schroder, Sierra Cinemas, Sierra Super Stop, Simply Country, S.O.A.P.,                SPD  Markets, Esther Starr, Sweetland Garden Mercantile, Three Forks     Bakery & Brewing Company, Nish Tulley, Twin Ridges Elementary School District, Rachel Umphress, Renee Wade, Weiss Brothers Nursery, Wild Birds Unlimited, Nick Wilson, Catie Winters, Wooden Spoon, Ava Woodward

And to all who gathered on the Oak Tree Campus for EARTH DAY.

It’s YOU who made it a celebration, and what a celebration it was!


 Photo captions: 

Above, left: Marya Lehman with rescued turkey vulture from Shady Creek Outdoor School.

Above, right: Huimeahoomaka perform Hawaiian string music.