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Painting Class Displays Work at NSJ Postal Gallery

posted May 9, 2019, 2:13 PM by Kristin Snell

by Ms. Kacy, Grizzly Hill School Paraprofessional

The artistic talent of the 5th-8th graders at Grizzly Hill School is inspiring. It's obvious to many of us here on the ridge that our kids are wildly unique, but wait until you see the paintings of Ms. Kacy's 5th-8th grade class! The paintings are currently being shown at the North San Juan post office. The exhibit will run through the summer with hopes of showing more incredible artwork during the next school year. 

Ms. Kacy, a paraprofessional at Grizzly Hill, began teaching the painting elective this last fall and so far 15 students have elected to be a part of the painting class. The students are given quite a bit of artistic freedom after they complete a color wheel which supports their ability to understand some color theory and blending techniques. New acrylic paint, professional canvases and brushes for the class were purchased through the support of the school board. 

"It is truly amazing what our kids are artistically capable of with the right materials and artistic freedom," says Kacy. She has enjoyed the enthusiasm of the 5th-8th grade painting students who are always counting down the days until painting class which occurs on Fridays. Painting student Bryana Walker says, "I like how we can do whatever we want such as abstract art." Ryah Souverville states that, "I like to blend the colors because it's fun to make the paintings look cool." and Sophie Bivin says, "Kacy is an amazing teacher and painting class is a really good way to help me with stress because it makes me happy.” Ms. Kacy attended the Bachelor of Fine Arts program with an emphasis in oil painting at Southern Oregon University.  She is also working on painting projects with Mrs. Johnson's 1st - 2nd grade class and is planning on offering another painting course next year to 5th-8th grade.  Make sure to go to the post office in order to support our young artists and watch for art rotations which will begin once school starts again in fall.