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San Juan Ridge Community Library Update

posted Nov 7, 2018, 1:02 PM by Kristin Snell

by Mary Moore, Librarian

OPEN TUES & THURS 11-7   SAT 10-4 // Pre-School Storytimes-Mondays Nov. 19 & 26 at 11 am // Phone: 292.3008 // Location: Next to Head Start on Oak Tree in North San Juan.

With our new budget, we are beginning to order books that respond to immediate concerns like Woodward’s Fear. We hope the community will help with suggests for other current and classic titles.

WINTER IS COMING!  I hope…  Winters are for planning gardens (which we talked about awhile back), and daydreaming about building/remodeling the house. [Please don’t tell my husband about this article, it would make him so nervous.]

640’s & 690’s These practical books contain the how-to for “green” houses: solar; cobb, adobe, straw bale; building underground, and traditional construction.

720’s These are the inspirational architecture books: Frank Lloyd Wright and California Bungalows, designing solar and log homes; floor plans for Chinese and Japanese homes.  On my “to read” list is the Pulitzer Prize winner by Blair Kamin, Terror & Wonder-Architecture in a Tumultuous Age.  We are ordering my personal favorite by Stewart Brand, How Buildings Learn.

So, stop by the library and start dreaming and planning.