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The Return of Toki’s Fountain

posted Oct 1, 2015, 2:48 PM by Kristin Snell

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

For years rumors have been circulating about the future of Toki’s Fountain. Once a thriving business and popular spot where folks could grab a bite to eat and visit, Toki’s has been sitting empty, shuttered, and a little forlorn for years. More than a simple small town eatery, Toki’s was a local landmark. When Toki’s closed its doors something was missing from the town of North San Juan, not just a place to eat and gather, but for many, a home away from home.

Those of us who travel Highway 49 have been witnessing a transformation, as the renovation of Toki’s Fountain is clearly evident. The old brick façade has been brightened with a fresh coat of red paint and an artfully laid stone wall has been erected along the adjacent walkway. Soon the gaping hole left in the community when Toki’s Fountain closed will be filled via the diligent and industrious efforts of Allison and Michael Green (pictured above), a couple devoted to family, food, and community.

Allison explained that the resurrection of Toki’s Fountain is truly a dream come true. “When my oldest daughter Olivia, now 17, was eight years old, we walked through here (Toki’s) with Toki and talked about one day purchasing the restaurant. Toki was very excited and hoped that I would be able to. The kids were still pretty small then. Now, eight years later, the kids are older and here we are!”  Allison, Michael and their three children live only one-half mile from the restaurant.  “We’re local, a part of this community. I’m third generation from Alleghany-Pike. My mom and dad graduated from Alleghany High. My grandmother was the school cook at Pliocene Ridge School. My husband, Michael, has lived on the Ridge since he was eight years old. I told Michael, ‘We have to do this!’ and with his full support I pursued my dream. “

No stranger to the demanding life of a restaurateur, Allison has had plenty of experience as founder and co-owner of Locos Burritos and Rhythm-n-Squeeze in Grass Valley. “I ran a restaurant before and I know what I’m getting into,” she assured. “It’s still going to be Toki’s Fountain with some of Toki’s original Okinawan recipes. We will have yaki soba and the traditional American breakfast, milkshakes and burgers.” Hoping to open before the end of this year, Toki’s Fountain will combine innovation with tradition, as the Greens will be working with Mountain Bounty Farm and other local farms to create local Farm-to-Table specials.

“We’re excited to bring some more positivity to North San Juan. So many people are working diligently to improve upon our community. We’re just happy to be a part of it.”