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San Juan Ridge Community Library Update

posted Oct 6, 2016, 9:42 AM by Kristin Snell

by Julie Childs, Board President-San Juan Ridge Community Library

Hours: Tue. & Thur. 11 am- 7 pm, Sat. 10 am - 4 pm

Phone:  292-3008

· Wi-fi and computers available for public use

· Work stations and comfortable seating

· Dvd’s for checkout, Book-sale shelf, Periodicals, Children’s room

· Experienced staff on hand

· An ever-evolving collection of wonders


Right now is a good time to be educating ourselves about the issues we’ll be voting for next month. The Library has many resources to help in our decision making. We may be uninspired by politics, but we know we’re affected by the elections, every one of us. Democracy was created with an educated electorate in mind. Let’s not let our forefathers down. Learn the issues, read both pro and con arguments. Do some research on the people you want to vote in. Most of all, vote.

Measure A will, if passed, provide improved funding to the county Library. They are then hoping to use those funds to support more library services for outlying areas.

Thank you to everyone who came out for Pignic in the Park, and thanks for supporting our library booth’s fundraiser! Bills will be paid, supplies will be replenished! Onward!

Don’t forget about the Tapestry Project if you are one who loves to create and spin yarns. :)  Every Tue. from 1-3 pm, and Thu. From 10- 12, they are meeting at the library and working on illustrated linen, bringing to life the drawings of Jennifer Rain Crosby, illustrating our ridge history. Anyone can join in, you’ll be tutored in what to do. See you at the Library!