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A Day in the Life of North San Juan Community Church

posted Sep 8, 2015, 9:35 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Sep 8, 2015, 9:36 AM ]

by Rev. Yvonne Varner, North San Juan Community Church

I’d like to tell you about the wonderful people who make up the congregation at North San Juan Community Church.  I presented our second of community outreach programs to the congregation on Sunday, August 16, 2015.  Operation Number 2.0 Pencil had a mission of providing 1,000 pencils to two local schools; Milhous & Grizzly Hill by December.  That ginormous feat was completed in ONE glorious day!  By the close of Sunday I had all the supplies we needed to deliver over 1,000 pencils, some glue, rulers, color pencils, paper & composition books to each school!  Then, we were notified that there is yet another school in need.  So, instead of closing the mission (although it has been accomplished) we are opening it up to include Washington School and we have decided to donate quarterly to these three schools. 

It hardly seems fair to only accept donations from the church-goers and not open this up to the rest of the community.  This week the flyers hit the streets and the Go FundMe account gets a lot of publicity.  One little dollar can buy 10-12 pencils, or you can go buy them yourself; Staples, the $1.29 Dollar Store and the Dollar Tree are having Back to School Sales!  You can contact me, Rev. Varner, at (530) 415-9705 for donation pick-up or drop-off.  Our first community outreach project was started 3 weeks ago and assists those in need of food.  We carry packages of food in the van for distribution at any time.  Non-perishable items in an easy to carry small box that can help out in a pinch.  We are currently not in need of food for this project and we get flagged down more than you would think!  When we are asked what denomination we are we just say that we are, “Pedestrians, because we are trying to walk the walk.” 

Contact information: North San Juan Community Church, 29190 Hwy 49/PO Box 482, North San Juan CA 95960. (530) 415-9705.

Feel free to stop by for Sunday Service at 11 am, or free lunch at noon, or free movie at 1 pm, or Bible Study on Thursday at 10:30 am or call anytime you want to talk.