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posted Sep 8, 2015, 9:52 AM by Kristin Snell

by Hank Weston, District IV Supervisor-Nevada County Board of Supervisors

I’m very excited to announce the opening of a new non-profit legal service in Nevada County.  Beginning August 11, Community Legal, Inc. opened its main location at 214 Church Street, Nevada City (the former location of the Searls Law Library), offering limited services.  There will be a grand opening on October 1, 2015. Community Legal will serve primarily very low-income individuals, and will also provide a range of legal services to people of all income levels.  The new service is the result of a cooperative effort among a group of attorneys and mediators who have been working since 2013 to help make legal services more accessible for low-income individuals.  In the process they have been working diligently to form partnerships with non-profits that serve the County’s lowest income residents. 

Erin Noel, a local attorney who has served as the project organizer and who will staff the clinic when it opens, explains how the clinic serves the values and community of Nevada County.  “As a rural community where legal problems often stem from relationships and breakdowns in communication between people, we need legal information and education that helps people to solve problems without litigation. When parties to a dispute can get on the same page and work together, no problem is insurmountable.” 

Community Legal will provide monthly clinics on specific legal topics, including landlord-tenant law, family law, wills and trusts, MediCal issues, and other topics important to lower-income residents of Nevada County.  Community Legal staff and pro-bono attorneys will conduct clinics, which will provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and learn basic information for free, or at a very low cost.  Limited scope legal representation and legal mediation will also be available to very low income clients for free, and to others at low cost.

In addition to the Church Street location, Community Legal will provide opportunities for one-on-one meetings with legal counsel at other locations including FREED, Nevada County WORKS! in Truckee, and at the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center. 

For more information on services provided, please visit Community Legal’s website at, or call them at 530- 265-3425. 

They are currently running a crowd-funding campaign at

Community Legal is the right organization coming to the rescue at the right time to provide a much needed service to the residents of Nevada County.  I hope you can see the benefits of this new service, and refer someone you know who might benefit from their services.

In other news, work on the Bridgeport Bridge renovation is moving forward.  I met recently with the Save the Bridge group and we reviewed some preliminary plans.  These plans will be finalized in late August and then in early September we will meet again to review cost estimates. We are also working to ensure the project keeps within the original timeline, which projected completion date of late 2017.   So—although you are not hearing much, work is continuing behind the scenes and I will keep you apprised as more information develops.