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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

posted Sep 1, 2016, 11:28 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Sep 1, 2016, 11:52 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

The FRC had an exceptionally busy summer, hosting nearly 100 young artists and athletes at our children’s camps in July and August. We are very grateful to all those who so generously contributed to the great success of 2016’s SPORTS & ART CAMPS: Coach John Hughes; Teaching Artists Shari Brookler, Camille Collings, Ludi Hinrichs, Molly Jochem, Sasha St. John; Teen counselors Kai Hererra, Nisa and Galen Masker, Kate McWeeney, Leah Montelius, Dora Scott; Special Helpers Selina Blanco, Nicole Hayes, Nancy Henson, Maya Hughes, Jordan Kim, Penny St. Claire; Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, Twin Ridges Elementary School District, the Welz Family Foundation, and all the many people who have contributed to FRC’s children’s activities throughout the year. You have enriched our lives, as well as the lives of our children. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

“I like that we play lots of fun games at SPORTS CAMP. My favorite game is Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag is fun because it’s a running game. If the green side goes on the yellow side, then they get tagged and they have to go to jail. Or it could be the other way around. My other favorite is Dodge Ball. You throw balls at people. They’re soft balls that have air in them so they don’t hurt. I’ve made three friends at SPORTS CAMP and I’m going to invite them to my birthday party.”

Adriel Collings

Kindergarten ~ Forest Charter School


“Dance is the best thing about ART CAMP. I like doing all the dances. I like doing the play, drawing, and painting too. ART CAMP is fun!”

Louisa des Tombe

Kindergarten ~ Yuba River Charter School

Caleb: “I like that we play games at SPORTS CAMP. Dodge Ball and Murder in the Dark are my favorite games. One person is the murderer. You know when you’re the murderer because the coach taps you. Then the murderer (and everybody else) shakes hands and when the coach says ‘Stop!’, you try to guess who the murderer is.”

Haiden: “My favorite game is Dodge Ball. I like throwing the ball and getting everybody out, then catching a ball and getting them back in. And I really like to play Capture the Flag.”

Caleb & Haiden Kersey

1st Grade ~ Grizzly Hill School


“The best part of SPORTS CAMP is Capture the Flag. When you get the other team’s Frisbee and take it over to your side, you score. I like Soccer and Dodge Ball and Monkey Tag too. I like John and Dora because they help you. John tells you how to play and Dora plays with you. I want to come back next year!”

                                                                      Annika Sauer

                                          2nd Grade ~ Grizzly Hill School


“I think Music and Theater are the best things about ART CAMP. In Music, I like the dancing. In theater it’s fun to be someone else. In ‘Little Black Goat’s Foot’ I’m the middle sister. I also like to draw and play on the playground with my friends. I’m excited because next year I’ll be in Kate’s group and she’s my favorite teacher.”

Ocian Floyd-Haskell

3rd Grade ~ Redwood Day School, Oakland





“ART CAMP is awesome! I like making masks the best. I made a red and black devil mask. I really like to do plays, too. The stuff we do, the people, and the kids make ART CAMP fun.”

                                                                             Emmet Farrell

                               3rd Grade ~ Ananda Living Wisdom School


“I like SPORTS CAMP because you can do lots of sports. My favorite is Medic Ball. It’s like Dodge ball except that each team has a medic. Instead of going to the side when you get hit by a ball, you squat down where you got hit. The medic can un-tag you and you can get back in the game. It’s nice to have friends here. We can play, talk, and do soccer together. I’m coming back next year.”

Esme Loyaza

3rd Grade ~ Ananda Living Wisdom School



“ART CAMP is fun because there’s lots of stuff to do, like Dance and Art. I decorated a picture frame and did lots of drawings with Sasha. We painted flags and shields and made tassels with Molly, Penny, and Nancy. I want to come back again next year!”

                                                                                   Alia Wayman

                                                       3rd Grade ~ Grizzly Hill School



“I like Dodge Ball the best. I like to throw balls and it’s fun! I made 9 new friends at SPORTS CAMP. I think more people should come so they can have the chance to have fun doing sports!”

Madalyn Greenwood-Price

4th Grade ~ Nevada City School of the Arts


“I really like the music and the play. I really like dancing too. I think all of ART CAMP is special because it’s fun! I enjoy the classes. I’m coming back next year if I’m not in Greece.

                                                                       Stella Rosmarin

                  5th Grade ~ Live Oak Waldorf School, Applegate



“I definitely like SPORTS CAMP! I get up early and then I play all day. I like that. I really, really like John. He’s really nice and a really good teacher. I like the games that we play. I especially like going into the Lodge and playing Dodge Ball. We mixed Dodge Ball and Capture the Flag and Medic Ball. I definitely will come back next year!”

 Jazzmin Kawa

 6th Grade ~ Grizzly Hill School


“This is my fifth year at SPORTS CAMP. I think it’s a really fun dynamic and the person who leads the camp is always great!  Everyone is really friendly and the camp is at a nice location. You’ll be playing a game and see people that you don’t know but they’ll stop and say, ‘Hi.’ Everything we do is really fun. It’s not super structured so if there’s something you don’t like, the coach will listen and take input on what we do. I think that, even though it’s a SPORTS CAMP, it’s fun if you’re not an extremely athletic person. Sports Camp is an excuse to be active and have fun. It doesn’t require any skills, just a good attitude.”

                                                                                    Emma Brink

                                  8th Grade ~ Nevada City School of the Arts



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