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North San Juan Community Church News

posted Sep 7, 2017, 3:44 PM by Kristin Snell

by Rev. Pinkie Varner, NSJ Community Church

What a wonderful month it has been! August was so fruitful and so full of blessings! One blessing in particular was when we got a phone call from Bud Browning of a church in Roseville called The Rock. He said he had been traveling Hwy 49 looking for someone who may be in need of backpacks for kids. He had stopped in at the NSJ Community Center with his grand daughters and while the girls were playing on the playground he read our bulletin board. He noticed one flyer that stood out to him. Operation Number 2,0 Pencil to raise supplies for local school children. Bud called and let me know that he had extra backpacks with supplies in them to donate and would we like to have them for our efforts? Would we? So we rushed on down to Auburn to meet him and he donated 46 backpacks! Camptoville School said they only needed a few so the rest went to Grizzly Hill. James Berardi, principal at Grizzly Hill looked at me kinda funny and said”Pinkie.....” I said, “It wasn't me – I'm only the delivery person!” In the photo is the first family to get backpacks, Cody, Jessica & kids with Pastor Pinkie. Blessings and opportunities at every turn. What will September bring – who knows? We'll be ready! North San Juan Community Church – The World is our community! More info at 415.9705