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Community Library Update

posted Apr 12, 2021, 5:27 PM by Kristin Snell

by Roo Cantada, San Juan Ridge Community Library


We are excited to showcase ‘THE ANNEX’ this month, April and we welcome you to stop in and see our beautiful new building. This space is for the community and will be utilized for workshops, meetings, movie nights and more! We are very grateful to the Nevada County FRIENDS OF LIBRARY for their help in providing the funding for our new space!  Thanks also goes the Oak Tree Park and Recreation District and to BRIAN JONES for his amazing diligence in navigating Nevada County Building Dept during Covid! We’d also like to thank SWEETLAND GARDEN MERCANTILE for their contribution to our beautiful oak flooring!


Currently we are open 12pm-5pm Tue and Thurs and 12pm-4pm on Saturdays. We are allowing people in, 2-3/time with a 20 min limit for selection. Of course, you have to wear a mask, sanitize and be respectful of social distance. We are encouraging home school parent and families to utilize us and help us to fill in gaps in our collection with your needs!


With spring, comes planting! Stop in to the library with your seeds or take some home to try! Ruby of Honey Circle Farms spearheaded this amazing resource last spring, and we wanted to remind you that it is still housed here at library. Whether you are a seasoned farmer, or just beginning, there is something for everyone!


There are many outdoor and family friendly events planned for next two months:

April 1-5 soft opening of ANNEX/Tapestry Showcase

April 18 Kite flying day, 1pm*

April 23 NATIONAL BOOK DAY (FREE books at Mother Truckers! 12-4pm)

April 24 Star Gazing* 9pm

May 2 Plant a flower 1-2pm

May 2 Beginning Selfie Challenge*

May 6 Poetry Night 7-8pm

May 15 Stargazing 9pm

May 22 Outdoor movie night: The Princess Bride 9pm

*Kite Flying Day- bring your own kite or try to make one! Everyone encouraged! Social distance a plenty on the field!

*Star Gazing—The NC Library gave us a free telescope! The field is perfect for gazing and with our powerful scope who know what we’ll find in the night sky! Looking forward to some astral events, too.

*Selfie Challenge- There will be two prompts every Sunday for you to take a selfie. All ages and families are encouraged to participate. Submit to the library’s facebook page or tag us to fulfill the challenge, win a prize! Gallery of best photos will be hung in the Annex in September. If you’re not on FB and want to participate you can email library your entry at

We hope that you will come in and catch up with us. We are issuing new card and encourage everyone to help us by getting those old items gathered up and taking care of any lost ones. If things are “long gone” and still on your record, please don’t be scared to come in and talk to us!