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Kids Making A Difference

posted Apr 12, 2021, 5:46 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Apr 13, 2021, 2:45 PM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

A cold and cloudy March morning was warmed by the generosity of a group of students and teachers from the Ananda Living Wisdom School. As a community service project, the students collected food to share with the San Juan Ridge Community via the FRC’s Oak Tree Pantry. After unloading a large van filled with bags and boxes of pastas, sauces,soups, canned fruits and vegetables, refried beans, nut butters, tuna, crackers, and many other nonperishable foods, the group toured the new Oak Tree Pantry, as well as the rest of the campus. After delivering the donations and touring the site, the students took a welcome break on the playground where each was asked why it is important to share food with others and how it feels to do so.  The group was as thoughtful as they were generous; and we are grateful for their kind words as well as their nutritious, delicious donations.

“Some people might not have enough money to buy food or care for themselves. If they have kids, that’s a whole extra lot. I grew up in a very sharing community and it feels good to share.”

Miles Hennings

3rd Grade


“Some people don’t have food and that’s not good. The food we collect goes to them, which is good. I brought some ramen and some tomato sauce. It feels very good to help.”

Sivan Seagel

4th Grade



“It’s important that people who don’t have food can eat. I think it helps a lot of people.  I feel happy because I’m helping other people. “

Asha Kavanaugh

5th Grade


“People won’t have to spend all their money on food & instead can spend it on other things they need, like toilet paper & other stuff. It feels nice to contribute something to the community.”

              Henry Krautkramer

6th Grade


“People who don’t have food or money to buy food can come and get it here at the Family Resource Center. It feels good when you can help people who need it.”

Izzy Wells

7th Grade


“It’s good to share. Some people are hungry. If you have food, it’s good to give them some if you can. It makes me feel happy.”

                                                                                           Sabina Klippstein

                                                    7th Grade


“Especially in times like now, a lot of people don’t have jobs and it’s hard for them to pay rent. I think it’s hard for people to pay for food if they’re paying rent. Being a kid, I know that we eat a lot. It’s important for people who have money to share. It feels good to help other people out.”

Moss Hellegers                                                           

8th Grade



“It is important to help people who don’t have food or money to buy food so they can have food at their house and not be hungry. It feels cool to be able to bring food to people.”

 Oshea Seagel

8th Grade


“I don’t think anyone should go without their basic needs. I don’t think there’s any excuse for letting people go hungry. It bothers me that so many have so much and so many have to struggle every day. Anything we can do to help our community meet basic needs makes us feel fulfilled and grateful for what we have.”

Matthew Fredrickson

3rd-8th Grade Teacher



“We were on a field trip and saw people sleeping in tents along the freeway in Roseville. That brought to our attention that people all over are in need and that we could do something to help. We are from secure families and sometimes take everything for granted. We wanted to give. We appreciate what the Family Resource Center is doing here and we appreciate being invited to help.”


                                                                               3rd-8th Grade Teacher