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Oak Tree Park Orchard Project

posted Apr 12, 2021, 5:19 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Apr 12, 2021, 6:04 PM ]
by Melanya Gonshorowski, Food Forest Committee

The idea of an orchard at Oak Tree Park has been gestating for many years. Conceived 10 years ago when the original plan for Oak Tree Park was initially formed, a lush orchard will soon be growing on the east-facing hill across from where the San Juan Ridge Community Library now stands on land that was previously lived on and loved by the Nisenan. A revitalization of the efforts to create an orchard took place last December after a post was shared on social media suggesting the creation of a Food Forest somewhere on the Ridge. So many people responded to this desire that moving forward took on a momentum of its own and the Food Forest Committee (FFC) was formed as part of a larger group of volunteers full of multitalented, and enthusiastic folks. The FFC consists of Jen Bliss, Adam Nuber, Roo Cantada, Corinne Munger, Daniel Nicholson, and Melanya Gonshorowski.

This project’s expected birthing time is spring of 2022, with lots of ongoing planning now and before then. We are involving school-aged children and local farmers to plant, irrigate, and maintain an edible food forest for the community. We will be planting edible trees for our future generations to enjoy and to build community in the present. We feel the park is an ideal location because it is centrally located and already established for public use.
Communication is happening between all the wonderful people who currently share this land: the Family Resource Center, the San Juan Ridge Community Library, the Twin Ridges School Board, the Oak Tree Park and Recreation District, Shawn Olson (the land caretaker), and the amazing sheep farmers, Tabor and Tom. 

We will share periodic invitations on social media and through postings at the Family Recourse Center for anyone else interested in sharing their strength, skills, and other resources. Would you like to contribute to this effort in some way, through donations of supplies, donations of money to purchase supplies, or through volunteering?  If so, please contact the FFC and describe how you would like to contribute. 

To contact the Food Forest Committee and/or to be added to the FFC email list please contact Melanya Gonshorowsk: 530.292.3880 or email at