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Community Library Update

posted Jan 21, 2021, 12:47 PM by Kristin Snell

by Roo Cantada, San Juan Ridge Community Library

Happy New Year from the San Juan Ridge Community Library!  We have been plugging along the past 6 months, trying to comply with all the health guidelines while still offering limited services.  We are open from 12-5 Tuesday and Thursday and 12-4 on Saturday. We are really excited about our new space, THE ANNEX, which is coming along nicely and should be ready to be unveiled in the next month or so. The project is almost complete, and now, where there was once a dilapidated old trailer, a beautiful green walled and new structure sits! The last few things to be completed are interior drywall and paint, flooring (already picked out) and the mini-split heating and cooling system. The drywall is about ½ done and when its complete, the other few things will go quickly. The walkway has been poured and we will soon be cutting an arch shape out of the wall between the buildings to allow for easy access and continuity.

We anticipate being able to open THE ANNEX as soon as county guidelines lighten up a bit.

But Still we persist! 15 hours a week we are open for you to come, and other times, during closed times, we are slowly transferring our collection to our new software so we can scan items quickly and accurately. We are about halfway done entering and we are making great progress! We continue to offer the creative “window service” on T/R/SA, where we have items on the windowsills and patrons can choose. We don’t have our collection online so they can’t look up items yet, but so far this is working somewhat and its better than nothing! It’s been a challenge but you will find we are doing pretty good matching you up with what your looking for! If you haven’t cleared up your record from Pre-Covid, now is time to return those old items, pay for your lost ones (we only charge $5/item, no overdue fines), and get a shiny new card!  We really want to help you with your self-inflicted education, your online class, or your new homeschool path. We have a lot of resources for you and your family, so come on over to the Park and tap on the window.....We’d love to see you!

Lastly, SJRCL wants to thank the Nevada County Friends of the Library for all their support with our new building!