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posted Apr 2, 2018, 10:32 AM by Kristin Snell

by Hank Weston, Nevada County Board of Supervisors—District 4 Supervisor

Fire Safety, Fire Safety, Fire Safety. I’ve uttered these words many times throughout my career and continue to do so. In previous years, I worked directly with the District I Supervisor on public safety issues for the Purdon Crossing area, whose district is adjacent to District IV in this area. We would hold an annual meeting ahead summer to bring a wide variety of stakeholders, including the Bureau of Land Management, California State Parks, Sheriff’s Department, CalFIRE, Nevada County Office of Emergency Services and California Highway Patrol, to strategize how to take a coordinated approach to prevent and mitigate wildfire and other public safety hazards. At the end of 2017, Supervisor Hall and myself decided to take a more aggressive approach and convene the meeting monthly to ensure that a wide variety of actions are taken ahead of this year’s river season. The group, called the Yuba River Public Safety Cohort is looking at a number of action items to address illegal parking, illegal camping and camp fires, coordinated enforcement between agencies and improving public safety communications. With an estimated over 800,00 people coming to the river annually, it is our goal that should a fire or public emergency occur within the Yuba River Basin, we are well prepared and have taken all the necessary steps needed to mitigate its impact. 

My fellow colleagues are in agreement that fire prevention must be a major priority for the County, which was identified as a Priority A objective at the Board’s annual workshop in late January. Specifically, the Board’s objective is to prioritize the implementation of existing County policies and programs to reduce the risk of wildfire and the effects of wildfire on life, property and the environment. Pursue hazardous vegetation mitigation funding sources and support related community partners with their efforts. Explore other ways to reduce the threat and damage from wildfires. The state legislature is looking heavily into what can be done to mitigate wildfire with over sixty-five (65) bills being introduced last month to address fire in some way. One of the highest priorities for our community is to ensure access to affordable fire insurance. I encourage you to reach out to your state senator and assemblyman and let them know how important this issue is for our County.