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posted Jul 26, 2018, 4:08 PM by Kristin Snell

by Hank Weston, District IV Supervisor—Nevada County Board of Supervisors

The heat is here and the worst of fire season is approaching fast. So first things first – get prepared! If you have not already received your Nevada County Fire Season Guide 2018-2019, do yourself a favor and get one at The Guide is a great resource to help you and your family prepare to prevent and respond to a wildfire emergency. The Guide also includes a 2018 Emergency Preparedness Guide and Evacuation Plan that includes checklists on evacuation planning with suggested items to take during an evacuation, home survival kits and information on how to stay informed with definitions and procedures. The Guide also includes a map of Nevada County so you can easily identify what fire district you are in, including their contact information. Also, folks should be sure to sign up to the County’s emergency notification system called CodeRED at which allows emergency notifications to be sent to directly to your phone (mobile or landline).

In other news, on June 10, 2018 the Nevada County Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to place a local Cannabis Business License Tax Measure applied to the cannabis industry on the November 6, 2018 ballot for voter consideration. The Board received a presentation from the Nevada County Treasurer & Tax Collector, Tina Vernon on the proposed general tax. Ms. Vernon explained that a tax measure may be used to pay for associated costs related to code compliance, law enforcement, environmental regulations and mitigation, health and education impacts and other costs to the County that are not directly attributed to services provided to a cannabis business. Permit fees are used to cover the direct associated costs of issuing permits, conducting inspections, providing compliance monitoring, etc. It was noted that if the County chooses not to place a tax measure on the ballot now, the next opportunity would not be until 2020. Therefore, by placing the measure on the ballot, and if the voters choose to pass it, a tax structure will be in place when the permanent ordinance is eventually adopted by the Board.

The proposed tax will be based on gross receipts with an initial tax rate of 2.5% that will be set for the first 2.5 years. The proposal also provides flexibility for the Board to alter the tax method and rate to adjust to changes in the industry and market. After the initial 2.5 years the 2.5% rate would be automatically adjusted by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or by the Board of Supervisors in intervals of up to 2%, not to exceed a maximum of 10%.

The Board also received a presentation from Godbe Research who conducted a community survey on the viability of a tax measure passing in Nevada County. Godbe Research found that a locally-controlled cannabis business tax measure is potentially viable with up to 61% potentially supporting the measure. And while this is a general tax, I believe it will ensure the County’s ability to provide direct funding to increased demands on code compliance and law enforcement, environmental regulation and enforcement, impacts on Health and Human Services Agency and public health education paid for by the cannabis industry and not taken from the General Fund tax collections.

Last but not least, Nevada County has contracted Economic & Planning Systems, Inc. (EPS) to update the County's Park Facility Impact Fees, and to conduct a Western Nevada County Parks District Consolidation Feasibility Study. The County collects 2 types of fees for parks and recreation (AB1600 fees & Quimby fees) on new development to mitigate its impact on the need for new park facilities - the more people, the higher the need for parks. The fees are then provided to 5 Recreation Benefit Zones across Western Nevada County. EPS will be conducting a Nexus Study, meaning a study that establishes the relationship between new development and the need for increased Park and Recreation amenities, to update the fees that were last updated in 1997. In an effort to do this, the County and EPS are seeking input form the community. Therefore, EPS will be holding a community meeting, with support from County staff, on Thursday August 2 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in the Gene Albaugh Community Room at the Madelyn Helling Library. The focus of the meeting will be an interactive presentation on the AB1600 Nexus Study to gain community input and answer questions. They will also be providing an overview on the Western Nevada County Parks District Consolidation Feasibility Study and next steps. I encourage you to attend the meeting. For more information, please feel free to contact the Planning Department at 530-265-1222.