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San Juan Ridge ACT: Getting Things Done

posted Jun 6, 2018, 11:14 AM by Kristin Snell

by Pat Leach, San Juan Ridge ACT Member

Edwards Crossing and Shady Creek at Purdon Bridges

Edwards Crossing will get a new 2-lande bridge and parking, while keeping the current bridge as a pedestrian and bike crossing. The State will fund the project and we’ll know more later this year. Optimistically, it will be completed by 2021. Shady Creek Bridge at Purdon will be replaced with a 2-lane, single-span, cast-in-place concrete bridge. This work has started—end date?

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Issues

Per Chief Alex Gammelgard, GVPD: The NSJ zip code 95960 was identified as a high utilization zip code in the annual health assessment. As such, folks residing in 95960 would be eligible and preferred for this pilot “direct to treatment” grant program. GVPD will work with the Sheriff’s Office to teach them about the opportunity as they would more likely have interactions with someone in NSJ.

This program is operational. The GVPD is happy to take a referral via NC Sheriff’s Office, who will then call Detective Clint Loveday at GVPD who will then check into eligibility, etc. and line up meeting the deputy in town. However, someone coming directly to SNMH, CoRR or Western Sierra Medical Clinic may also become eligible in that fashion.

Firewise Community

You too can start a Firewise Community! The work it takes is more than worth the energy, and you end-up with lots in common with your neighbors. It’s all about access and egress, and defensible space. If you would like to investigate the possibility, may I suggest the national website at: While you’re at it, check out the NSJFPD Community Fire Plan at Then, if needed, please contact Pat Leach (NSJ Fire Board Member) for additional information: (don’t forget the dot after Pat).

Remember, it’s not IF a forest fire will occur here—it’s WHEN.

After all, we live in a HISTORICALLY HIGH FIRE DANGER area.

BTW, have you signed up for CodeRED?