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Thank You, Kuk Sool Won

posted Jun 6, 2018, 11:22 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Jun 6, 2018, 11:34 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

Few of the FRC’s children’s activities have been as popular or rewarding as Kuk Sool Won. The second series of Korean martial arts classes at the Family Resource Center literally ended with a “Bang!” as young students broke boards. “Breaking builds courage,” explained teacher Tony Reyna. “Courage means you do what needs to be done in spite of fear.” Each boy and girl was reminded that the successful act of breaking depended 90% upon heart and mind as he or she courageously approached the board held by their teacher. One after another, young minds and hearts focused as boards were snapped in two and young eyes glistened with pride and accomplishment. We are grateful to Tony Rena and his assistant, Ryan Mathias, for introducing Kuk Sool Won to San Juan Ridge youth. It is our hope that the 57 students who were enrolled in turtle tots and children’s classes  will remember the three pillars of Kuk Sool Won: etiquette, patience and practice, and integrate these values into their daily lives.

“I really like walking backwards and punching bears and when you are a snake and go under the stick. Today I was a rattlesnake.”

Artemis Jaco

Turtle Tots- 4 ½ years old


“I really like jumping backwards on the mat, blocking the bats, and punching the bear. We like punching the bear because we smell like the bear’s dinner. My favorite part is closing my eyes and being still as a rock. “

                 Drake Puetz

Turtle Tots -4 ½ years old


“I like the horse stance and it’s really fun to break boards. Tony is really awesome!”

Rose Gray

1st grade~ Grizzly Hill School


“I liked the horse stance and breaking the boards. There are a lot of things I love about Kuk Sool Won. It makes you get stronger. Tony’s a really good guy.”

Bon Dudley

                                       2nd Grade ~ Grizzly Hill School


“I like the hard work. It energizes and unwinds me. Tony is a really good sensei.  Kuk Sool Won is a really good martial art and I really want to continue.”

Zaden Peterson

3rd Grade ~ Grizzly Hill School


“Kuk Sool Won is really fun. I really like breaking boards and sparring. Being able to spend time doing it is special.”

Anela Park

4th Grade ~

Ananda Living Wisdom School



“It’s a pleasure and an honor to come out here and work with the kids. I had a difficult childhood and I had a lot of people who helped me. I enjoy helping others and the circle continues to grow.”

Tony Reyna

Owner and Chief Instructor, Gold Country Kuk Sool Won



For more information on Kuk Sool Won classes contact Gold Country Kuk Sool Woon at 530.478.1412 or