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Great Things Happening at Grizzly Hill!

posted Mar 6, 2018, 1:59 PM by Kristin Snell   [ updated Mar 6, 2018, 2:05 PM ]

by Roo Cantada, Grizzly Hill School Librarian and Parent

It has been an exciting month at Grizzly Hill School, especially for our Middle Schoolers! I have been working with a great group of students for Student Council and we all agreed that there needs to be more activities for teens at our school. Student Council has participated in the Halloween Carnival, bookfairs, and has also put on 2 school dances. Our most recent dance, our Winter Dance was held on Feb 9th, and was fabulous. Everyone had a fun time dancing, running around and eating pizza. We had the most amazing decorations, thanks to Kelsey Faery, and lots of set up help thanks to Fox Firemaker and Katrina Kersey. Diana Pasquini was the perfect hostess and helped us make it a spectacular night for everyone! Special thanks to BriarPatch and Margaret Campbell for providing snacks and Mama's Pizzeria for pizzas. Grizzly Hill PTC helped us out as well with decorations and waters! Great Job everyone! Student Council members: Ireland  Brown, Bryce Kersey, Bijoux Berardi. Cody Delre', Joseph Wersel, Patti Emmerton, Sienna Goodman and Ryah Souverville. Thanks kids for putting on a wonderful school event. For the future, other schools are welcome at our dances as long as you're in middle school!

Also happening at Grizzly Hill is "Dream a Difference." Grizzly Hill was chosen as the ONLY school in the entire United States to participate in this program. "Dream a Difference” began in 2016 as a poetry project connecting small schools in the United Kingdom with others in Jordan, Palestine, Malaysia, and Zimbabwe, though now it set to expand.  This program, sponsored by Nevada County Arts Council, will "help raise awareness for social justice issues and promote peace." Our students will gain valuable perspective on world issues and will be able to share their experiences living in rural Northern California. We are very excited by this program which will be featured at this years NCAC's Poetry Festival on April 28th at Sierra College. 

Grizzly Hill Middle Schoolers made their way out to the community to lend a hand PLANTING FRUIT TREES in partnership with Common Vision and the Stonehouse of Nevada City. I reached out to Michael Flynn of  Common Vision in an effort to engage our students in areas of local ecology and food production. He was ecstatic to welcome 24 students to help plant trees for an ongoing food farm that will supply the local restaurant in it's Farm to Table fare. Kids had a blast and are begging to go back and plant more. In that vein, John Ro, owner of Stonehouse donated over 30 trees, as a thank you, to be planted by Grizzly Hill School's garden club and elective. Way to go, kids!

If you'd like to get involved at Grizzly Hill School, please call Roo Cantada 798.3355 or Principal James Berardi at 265.9052 x207