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My Special Place

posted May 3, 2018, 10:45 AM by Kristin Snell

Note: Created as part of a school writing project by Grizzly Hill School third grade student , Isabella Moulton, we dedicate this young poet’s simple poem to all grandparents everywhere. Keep up the good work!

My Special Place

I have a special place

it is at my grandma’s house

I like to spend time with my papa

and grandma and I feel happy

and glad when I am there.

You were the one that showed me happiness

and kindness in the world.

In your eyes I see the kindness in the world

that shows me happiness.

You give me good thoughts and give

me things nobody else can give me.

I heard birds chirping and a little bird

chirping for the its first time in my hand.

I have a key that will open worlds

for you and all doors.

I remember everything you did for me

and when you taught me things;

to share and be kind to everyone.


Isabella Moulton