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Meet Your School Board

posted Nov 2, 2017, 2:46 PM by Kristin Snell

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

Did you know that Twin Ridges Elementary School District encompasses an area that stretches all the way from Bridgeport to Graniteville and over to the little town of Washington? At one time there were four schools operating within the District: Grizzly Hill, Malakoff, Oak Tree and Washington. Since enrollment has decreased dramatically, there are only two schools that now offer K-8 educational programs to children from these rural foothill communities. TRESD is overseen by a board comprised of dedicated individuals who are devoted to achieving an excellent education for the children of Washington and the San Juan Ridge. 

If you would like to learn more about our community schools or contribute to the success of our children, you are welcome to contact any of TRESD’s Board members.

Malik Goodman

Guitarist and construction worker, Malik Goodman is the proud father of 4, aged 21, 19, 11, and 8. His youngest daughters, Sienna and Sophia, are Grizzly Hill students. When asked about his goals as a school board member, Malik replied, “The school board is responsible for creating a framework that anticipates changes and problems that could arise and provides the schools’ direction. I want to see certain programs enacted and changes made. I want to see an afterschool program until 5 every day; and I want to see a preschool. I want to see the school’s assets, such as the greenhouse, being used to their greatest potential. I want to encourage parent participation and a feeling of ownership of the school.”

Malik can be reached at: 

Rachel Kozloski

A soils scientist for Ascent Environmental, Rachel Kozloski, is the mother of Lydia and Noah, a 2nd grader and a 4th grader at Washington School. Devoted to the success of both Washington and Grizzly Hill Schools, she is passionate about achieving her goals. “I saw a really big need with our school and our community and I wanted to get involved in making it better. I want to see the District thrive.  It matters for both our communities. We see them as being separated by a river, but our District depends on the health of our communities and vice versa. I would be really satisfied if I could see our schools as well-functioning communities where the parents are engaged and the students are citizens.”

Rachel can be reached at:

Christopher Little

Shady Creek Outdoor School’s Program Coordinator Christopher Little is the father of Grizzly Hill 5th grader Izaya and 3rd grader Nemo, and TRESD’s newest board member. “I really take pride in living in this community. Since becoming a parent I’ve found being on the school board to be a wonderful opportunity, not only to influence my boys’ lives, but also an opportunity to do some good in the school and ultimately the community. My goal is to dream big and leave the schools in a better condition than when I came. I want to showcase what we have going on, and continue to grow and get better.”

Christopher can be reached at:  575.8546 or


Mindi Morton

A TRESD Board member for 10 years, Mindi Morton has devoted most of her life to the care, well-being, and education of children. For 23 years she was a home day care provider, then the owner, director and teacher of  Oak Tree pre-school for 3 ½ years. She has been a facilitator for Head Start’s Celebrating Families, a Girl Scout leader, and a 15 year PTC member. Mindi is the parent of four Grizzly Hill graduates: Marshall, Tommy, Julia, and Jessica. Her two grandchildren, Jason and Charlee, have also attended Grizzly Hill. “I’ve always loved Grizzly Hill and as an involved community member it was a natural extension to become a school board member. (In 2002) I was asked to run by the school teachers, administration and the District Office staff. My goal is to prepare the students for high school. In our small community it’s important that our students can compete with students from larger schools. I’m always pushing the sciences and technology. My dream is to have a school where all the kids are excited to get up in the morning to go to school. Most days I feel my dream has been realized.”

Mindi can be reached at: 292.3174 or 559.4172

Becky Wayman

Current chairperson of TRESD’s Board of Trustees, Becky Wayman is a staff researcher at UC Davis’ Forest and Fire Ecology Research Lab, and the mother of two daughters, Alia and Ivy, 4th and 1st grade students at Grizzly Hill. Becky explained her impetus for being on the Board. “I care a lot about community schools. Seeing how many local families don’t send their kids to the local school motivated me to step in, to make Grizzly Hill and Washington the best they can be. My current highest priority (this has been a priority of mine from the beginning.) is to help move the District in a direction that offers great educational opportunities for students who are struggling and those who excel through greater emphasis on hands-on learning. My other main goal is to support the staff to build a cohesive curriculum and traditions.

Becky can be reached at: 292.3669