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We Are Truly Thankful

posted Nov 2, 2017, 2:49 PM by Kristin Snell

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

When thousands were evacuated from their homes due to raging wildfires, emergency shelters were set up to house the evacuees until the danger had passed. Food that normally fills our pantry shelves was rerouted so that evacuees could be fed. As our supplies dwindled we began to worry that we would soon be completely out of food. Then, without us saying a word, local donations began to pour in. Poultry farmer, Ken Manning had stopped by to bring us fresh eggs and noticed how bare the shelves were. Not only did he return with dozens of eggs, he went shopping in Marysville and arrived laden with large sacks of red and russet potatoes, as well as oatmeal and a large box of plastic bags so that we could bag  up commodities into family sized portions. Next Masters Market donated large sacks of black, mung, navy, and pinto beans as well as canned soups and other miscellaneous edibles. We also received a large box of homegrown pears from Charlotte Killigrew, as well as peaches and pears from Robert Dickter. As soon as the Food Bank of Nevada County was able to reassume distributions, our stalwart volunteer Nancy Lorenz procured an entire truckload of foodstuffs ranging from yogurt and canned vegetables to horseradish and chocolate ice cream.

We are truly grateful to those who enabled us to continue feeding our community during trying times. We are additionally grateful to those who have donated food throughout the year. The FRC’s Food Pantry is able to serve people because of the kindness and generosity of those who step up to help others in need. We are grateful to all our friends and neighbors for their ongoing  help and support.