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HoneyRoot: The Remaking of An Ancient Container

posted Sep 11, 2018, 9:45 AM by Kristin Snell

by Lisa Chipkin, HoneyRoot Youth Program Co-Facilitator

HoneyRoot is committed to supporting youth on the journey to being embodied, integrated adults. At this year’s gathering we’ll be doing this through the youth program on Saturday, September 15th and Sunday the 16th (12-14 year olds), as well as weaving our 15+ year olds in as young adults with the larger community. 
I’m very excited to be co-facilitating the youth program with two dynamic young women, Quinna Watrr and Madeline Maddox. 
The program’s theme is "The Remaking of An Ancient Container” and over the course of the weekend, we will be calling on: our inner guides, allies found in our lineages, the bridge of generations, the plant and animal world.

By engaging our senses, honoring the self and reflection in another, exploring the gifts of nature, feeling at home in the body and in the presence of another, we begin to develop an embodied perspective that encourages body sovereignty, helps us define our values and leads us to understand and have healthy connections with our emotions, desires, relationships, inner voices, and creative selves.

We want to welcome as many youth as would love to be with us, and would greatly appreciate your help in sharing this in any way that resonates. Thank you! 

We also have a limited amount of financial aid available for those in need.

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