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May 2018

M is for Mothers

posted May 3, 2018, 11:15 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 3, 2018, 11:18 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

Basking in the warm afterglow of a truly magical EARTH DAY CELEBRATION, it was easy to momentarily forget that Mother’s Day is almost upon us. Celebrating the wonders of the planet that sustains us to honoring those who have borne and nurtured us seems a natural progression. Without mothers, we would not exist.

We wish all those marvelous, multi-tasking, magnanimous, merciful, miraculous, magnificent Mothers, Mommies, Mamas and Moms the happiest of holidays. May your rewards outweigh the challenges and your lives be happy and long. Happy mothers day!


Scotch Broom Breakfast

posted May 3, 2018, 11:13 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 3, 2018, 1:54 PM ]


Scotch broom breakfast









With a LOT of Help From Our Friends

posted May 3, 2018, 11:07 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 3, 2018, 11:26 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

EARTH DAY 2018 now resides in the realm of memory, gone but certainly not forgotten. Originally conceived as a fundraiser for children’s activities, the EARTH DAY CELEBRATION at Oak Tree has assumed a greater purpose. Still a successful fundraiser, gleaning over $2000 for this year’s summer camps, EARTH DAY also provides an opportunity for friends and neighbors to gather and enjoy each other’s company on the green and sunny Oak Tree Campus. Families painted birdhouses, courtesy of the San Juan Ridge Community Center. The North San Juan Fire Department provided free life vests for young swimmers. Kids of all ages were able to get up close and personal with our very special avian visitors, a turkey vulture, red tailed hawk, and pygmy owl. Local artisans sold their wares as celebrants munched on delicious organic treats, decorated a Peace Pole and swayed to the pulsating beat of American Indian drumming and song. Musicians, singers, and “international celebrity models” filled Oak Tree’s Lodge with music, laughter, and applause. The San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center is so grateful to everyone who contributed to making this the BEST EARTH DAY CELEBRATION EVER! Many thanks to one and all!

Supporting Businesses:

B&C Hardware, Bookseller, Briar Patch, Double Oak Winery, Earth & Road Works, Four Winds Studio, Marin Headlands Hostel, North Columbia Schoolhouse, Ridge Rock Quarry, Sassy, Scraps Dog Bakery, Sierra Cinemas Sierra Hot Springs, Sweetland Garden Mercantile, Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company, Weiss Brothers Nursery, Wild Birds Unlimited, & The Wooden Spoon

Singers, Musicians & International Celebrity Models:       

Tal Benrud
, Rob Fenton, Fiddle Ridge Contra Band, Nory Fussell, Sienna & Sophia Goodman, Huimeahoomaka, Bailey & Sakara Heinz, Neena McNair Family Singers, Rosemary Parker, Jhon Renoir, Marc Ryan, Ruckrich Family Band, George Schroder & Friends, Bodie Wagner & Ava Woodward

Volunteers & Bakers:

Cathy Adair, Sunshine Bender, Peter Elias, John Foster, Erin Frady, Linda Gethings, Calliope Goodman, Nicole Hayes, Bailey & Sakara Heinz, Sol Henson, David & Sofia Jensen, Julie Jordan, April Journagan, Janie Kesselman, Henry, Jesse & Levi Krautkramer, Marya Lehman, Grace Mack, Jackie McCort, Corrine Munger, Linda Richey, Lisa Rowe & Esther Starr

Booths & Vendors:

Blum & Brew Broths, Four Winds Studio, Grizzly Hill School Kitchen, Harvesting Vitality, Nevada County Climate Coalition, North San Juan       Community Center, North San Juan Fire Department, Peace & Justice Center of Nevada County, Rainbow Joyas, Pam Sapora, San Juan Ridge Community Library, Shady Creek Outdoor School, & You Bet Farm


Peace Pole

posted May 3, 2018, 10:59 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 3, 2018, 11:21 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

One activity that made 2018’s EARTH DAY so special was the creation of a Peace Pole for the Oak Tree Campus. A cedar log, hewn, skinned, and donated by Sean Ryan was transformed into a colorful testament to Peace with the help of the Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County. PJCNC members Janie Kesselman and sisters, Shirley and Pamela Osgood provided an opportunity for artists of all ages to colorfully decorate the pole. Once varnished, the Peace Pole will be planted in Oak Tree’s Friendship Garden. It is our hope that it will welcome and inspire visitors to the campus for generations to come.
Founded in 2002 by Utah Phillips, Janie Kesselman and a score of like-minded individuals, “the Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County envisions a world of justice, peace, equality and freedom. This vision includes community where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed peacefully, supportive structures are developed. Where people are empowered and live in harmony with the earth, nurtured by diverse traditions that foster compassion and reconciliation.”

When asked to explain why encouraging peace is an appropriate EARTH DAY activity, Kesselman responded, “Peace and environmental health are integrally connected. Think of all the horrific environmental, as well as human, consequences of war. There’s definitely a connection there. The Peace Center thanks everyone who participated and is honored to have a community-created Peace Pole planted on the beautiful Oak Tree Campus.”




Time to Get Ready for Summer Camps

posted May 3, 2018, 10:55 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 3, 2018, 11:23 AM ]

by Diana Pasquini, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

SPORTS CAMP and ART CAMP fill up fast every year. If you would like to register for either or both of these camps it would be wise to do so as soon as possible. Camp registrations will begin on May 1st. More information will follow in future issues of Ridge Connections. This is just a reminder that summer is coming and with it, 2018’s summer camps at the FRC.

JUNIOR SPORTS CAMP (ages 5-7)...July 9-13

INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CAMP (ages 8-10)...July 16-20

SR SPORTS CAMP ART CAMP (ages 11-14)...July 23-27

ART CAMP (ages 5-12)…July 30-August 3

Candidate’s Night

posted May 3, 2018, 10:54 AM by Kristin Snell   [ updated May 3, 2018, 11:17 AM ]

by Kristin Snell, San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center

On April 19th, the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association hosted a Candidate’s Night at the Oak Tree Lodge that welcomed candidates for sheriff and the Board of Supervisors to field questions and meet members of the public. Debra Weistar deftly moderated the event, presenting questions gathered from attendees and fielding answers from the four candidates.

Candidates for both offices were first asked to describe the Ridge. Sue Hoek, candidate for District 4 Supervisor, said that the people of the Ridge were “impassioned.” Bill Smethers spoke of the diversity of residents and described a “treasured, secret area.” John Foster spoke of innovation and vision. Shannan Moon encapsulated her idea of the Ridge as a place that is a “true community” that is redefining itself. 

Hoek then addressed questions on transportation, mining, high speed internet, indigenous rights and housing and homelessness. Sheriff’s candidates discussed law enforcement response time, law enforcement presence on the Ridge, policies regarding private use of firearms, sexual harassment within the sheriff’s department, the use of a transitional team with the change in leadership, housing and homelessness and cannabis policy.

Thank you Sue Hoek, John Foster, Shannan Moon and Bill Smethers for taking time to help voters make informed decisions. Special thanks also to Debra Weistar for taking on the vital role of moderator and excelling at it, particularly on such short notice. And thank you to the SJRTA for continually engaging the community in thoughtful ways; your work is so valuable.

The day prior to the event, by happenstance I was cleaning a bookshelf and opened an antique book titled History of the World, published in 1887. Out tumbled a newsletter from The Washington Taxpayers from October, 1937 and on it were printed these words: “When substantial citizens of a community are so busy with their own affairs that they lose interest in the affairs of government, Democracy is on its way to the discard...People deserve good government only when they are willing to work for it.” This message from years ago feels very pertinent to the present; by engaging in civic affairs and making informed decisions, we can work to create the government we would like to see. 

If you were unable to attend, but would like to contact the Candidates or research their positions on important issues, their websites/email addresses are as follows:

· John Foster–

· Shannan Moon—

· Bill Smethers—

· Sue Hoek—

The Direct Primary statewide election where voters will cast ballots on nonpartisan county positions including sheriff and supervisor in addition to statewide offices will take place Tuesday, June 5th. According to the County of Nevada’s website, the last day to register to vote for this election is May 21, and in the following 14 day period through Election Day, an individual “may go to any vote center to conditionally register to vote and vote a provisional ballot.”

For more information on the election and a complete list of choices to be voted on—statewide positions, county positions and ballot measures—visit



Many Exciting Things Happening at Oak Tree Park

posted May 3, 2018, 10:51 AM by Kristin Snell

by Roo Cantada, Friend of Oak Tree Park

The park is so lush with all the spring rains, the grass is growing thick and the trees are leafing out with brilliant green! There has been more than just natural growth, the Oak Tree Park and Recreation District (OTPRD) has also been busy this spring! Plans went ahead for the Pavilion on the main field which will provide much needed shade and allow residents to utilize the space for parties or other events. The other cement pads you’ve seen are 3 new handicapped accessible parking spots.  Two are located by the library building and the other is to allow ADA accessibility to the field.  There is also work being done to finally put a sign up at the entrance of the park.  There are also some changes happening on the OTPRD board of directors. After more than four years on the board, Grant Wayman will be stepping down. Grant has been instrumental in the designing of the pavilion and getting the sign approved through a daunting governmental process.  Grant is a level headed and reliable member of the team and will be sorely missed as OTPRD moves forward. Thank you for your service and hard work over the years!  In that vein, there is an opening on the board that will be filled by appointment until the end of the term and then an election in November. If you are interested in becoming an OTPRD board member you can attend their next meeting on Monday, May 14th at 6pm at the OTPRD office located inside library.






San Juan Ridge ACT: Getting Things Done

posted May 3, 2018, 10:48 AM by Kristin Snell

by Roo Cantada, San Juan Ridge ACT Member

Greetings from the San Juan Ridge ACT, your team for getting things done! We are excited to invite everyone out to our next meeting on WEDNESDAY MAY 30th at 4pm the North San Juan Community Center.

We encourage folks to attend either to get involved or just to get informed about local issues. Our group has been meeting since last fall and we have made a lot of progress! We have identified three areas to focus on: homelessness, transportation, and substance abuse.  We know there is much more, but we started with those.

Our committees have been meeting with key members of the County to try to bring resources to the San Juan Ridge Area. Tom Hobbs is chair of the SJRACT Homeless committee and he has been working with Joe Nate, the new Hospitability House Coordinator, Brendan Phillips who is the Housing Development Coordinator and Homeless Outreach for Social Services as well as Keith of Sierra Roots. The county has formed a team to address the homeless issue and Tom and his committee are working directly with them. Most importantly, the entire team will be coming to all food bank distributions to help sign folks up for much needed resources. Tom and Tony Mociun are working on a long term plan to submit to the county team to address long term solutions and also working towards a clean-up day in NSJ.

The SJR ACT Transportation committee is working towards reestablishing a regular public transit route that will serve the SJR area and provide service to Grass Valley and Nevada City.  They are working closely with the Transportation Commissioner and Transit Manager to provide data and a cohesive business plan by the end of July. A survey will be available and we will be polling at areas such as the Sierra Super Stop, Mother Truckers and the Food Banks.  Keep an eye out for us!

The SJR ACT is just one group that is needing participation and feedback. The Lions Club of North San Juan is in dire need of new members. This locally run chapter meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 in the NSJ fire hall. This small local chapter, which provides eyeglasses and other assistance to our community, needs your help to keep going!  This Club is at an exciting time, full of change and possibilities for the future, all that is missing is YOU!  It is groups like this that provide valuable partnerships for grants and other county funds thus increasing our chances of bringing more resources up the Ridge. By having members who care about the community, it ensures that these max resources can be utilized. Please consider joining the Lion’s Club.

We hope to continue this amazing progress with the election of our new Supervisor in the fall. There is still much to do and we hope that you can join us in helping to make the San Juan Ridge better for all!


San Juan Ridge Community Library News

posted May 3, 2018, 10:47 AM by Kristin Snell

by Mary Moore, San Juan Ridge Community Library

TUES & THURS 11-7   SAT 10-4

Preschool Storytime Mondays at 11-11:30 am—call for details 

Phone: 292.3008 Email:

Location: Next to Head Start, Behind the Ball Field on Oak Tree in North San Juan


Our furry friends have certainly been in the news recently.  A sign of the popularity of critters here on the Ridge is the number of related books and videos donated to the library. Though space constraints have limited the number of donations we can shelve, there are 178 items with dog or cat in their titles.

In non-fiction is, Dewey, by Vicki Myron a librarian, who found him as tiny kitten in the book drop.  Dewey recovers from being nearly frozen and becomes the most popular staff member at the library. On the more serious side is Gregory Bern’s, How Dogs Love Us. This neuroscientist, using a MRI and a rescue dog, is mapping emotional and other areas of the dog’s brain.

My favorite video of the year is, A Dog’s Purpose.  Bring your box of tissues, but I promise a happy ending.  If you enjoy spy movies and television shows, the video, The Revenge of Kitty Galore, somehow uses real animals to satirize everything from James Bond to “Mission Impossible.”

In fiction, we have the books written by dogs!  Enzo (through his translator, Garth Stein in the book, Racing in the Rain) wrote about his life supporting his race car driving person.  Enzo wants to be reincarnated as a human, because he so wants to be able to truly communicate with those he loves.  In the children’s section you must meet Chester (translated by James Howe in the, Bunnicula, series ).  Chester is concerned with saving his household from the fanged albino bunny, after he notices all the vegetables turning white.   There are several series of mysteries written by associate dogs.  Chet (translated by Spencer Quinn in the Chet and Bernie series) is a distractible sort of assistant, but manages to be of great help in spite of himself.

There must be books written by cats, please let me know if you have read one.


My Special Place

posted May 3, 2018, 10:45 AM by Kristin Snell

Note: Created as part of a school writing project by Grizzly Hill School third grade student , Isabella Moulton, we dedicate this young poet’s simple poem to all grandparents everywhere. Keep up the good work!

My Special Place

I have a special place

it is at my grandma’s house

I like to spend time with my papa

and grandma and I feel happy

and glad when I am there.

You were the one that showed me happiness

and kindness in the world.

In your eyes I see the kindness in the world

that shows me happiness.

You give me good thoughts and give

me things nobody else can give me.

I heard birds chirping and a little bird

chirping for the its first time in my hand.

I have a key that will open worlds

for you and all doors.

I remember everything you did for me

and when you taught me things;

to share and be kind to everyone.


Isabella Moulton


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